Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Repurposed Skirt

When its time to organize and declutter, I  fill bags to donate for charities or pass down to friends with younger kids.  
I have one separate bag where I place those items that have something about them I just can't part with.  Sometimes it might be for sentimental reasons or sometimes there is just something unique or appealing about it and it seems to sing out, 
"please repurpose me!" 
While sifting through one such bag looking for project ideas I came across an old (really old) skirt of Kayley's and immediately thought Ella would love these colors.  

When she was here for her "Nana Sleepover"
(our summer tradition) 
I showed it to her and asked if she'd like me to make a skirt for her out of it. 
Ella eagerly answered "yes"
so I couldn't wait to get started.

I loved the little pintucks in the original skirt.
(probably the reason it made it to the "special bag")  

I just made a casing for an elastic waist band 

and a tulle under slip for an extra layer underneath to hang just below the hemline giving the skirt a little fullness.

I found a white tee to embellish. 

 I added some lace and rolled roses and sewed a couple of rows of elastic thread at the waist to give a new look.

 Now she'll have an outfit.

… and  she would need a hair clip too .... of course.

and here's the little cutie wearing it.

Sweet Ella

She's growing up!