Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Embraceable You

Hope's duet with Nelson Mills III  from Monday's nights Jazz Concert,
"Embraceable You"

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Taylor High School Jazz Band

The Taylor Jazz Band concert was last night.
Thank you to everybody that was able to come and support Hope.
She had quite a fan club!
Marci got Mr. Melville introducing Hope and  Hope's solo, "The Look of Love" on tape for us.

Thank you to John for suggesting the idea and a big thanks to Debbie for helping make it happen!

The band was amazing!  They had a guest trumpeter and vocalist,
Nelson Mills III  there last night. Hope got to sing a duet with him.
I will try to post some other numbers soon!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Giving Thanks

free printable via
Classy Clutter

I really can't believe it is November.  
Like never before I feel excited to celebrate this month of "Thanksgiving".  
Last month I did THIS post

EveryDay Thanksgiving

… where I shared some of my favorite talks and quotes on gratitude.

I also mentioned this book that I had just finished reading.

You can find it  HERE.

This is the trailer:

We started a tradition  in our family with a
“Thankful Tree”.
During the month we write things we are thankful for on little leaves and then hang them on a wire tree.  It is so fun to watch the progression as the tree fills up with blessings! 
Even more rewarding is the realization of so many gifts from heaven.

I hope this month, so perfectly timed before celebrating the birth of our Savior,
we can all do something in our lives and in our homes that will encourage

Happy Month of 
Thanksgiving !