Monday, December 29, 2008

Girl's Night Out

Saturday night was so fun. My mom, me, Marci, Kayley and Hope all went to see the movie, Twilight.It was the first time for my Mom and Kayley -who had just finished the first book and has now already finished the second one.
I know ... it's scary. Mike took care of the little girls so Marci could go. It was great and I must say I enjoyed the movie more this time around.

I still have to see it one more time with Mark. He read all four books ... my Hero ♥ .


monstermash said...

What a fun night. I liked the second time better too.

Marci said...

He's my hero too...I've got to get Mike to do it! I'm not giving up :-)!

sewpink said...

Good for Mark. I can't get my husband to read them. He did see the movie with me though.

Andrea said...

Hey, just stopped by from Mormon Mommy Blogs. I saw Twilight awhile ago, and I thought it was okay...maybe I should see it a second time, too!