Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Daily Affirmations

 I have been busy, which is a "good thing" but sometimes I let myself get caught up in a whirlwind worrying about the less important things AND when that happens, I get discouraged. Prayer is wonderful.  What a blessing to know you have someone that will listen to you at any time and not only that,completely understands everything you're feeling. I love prayer.
Recently, I found myself in that yucky mode of  feeling overwhelmed,hence my post "17 Most Important Things to Remember in Life".  I actually did make copies of that reminder.  I am very much visually inspired. I have a copy on the bulletin board right in front of my computer. I love the little motto: Keep Calm & Carry On.” It was  a phrase used in England during World War II, but it works perfectly as a daily affirmation for me. I really believe in the power of mind over body. I know we can change a lot of what we're experiencing by changing our mind set and energy patterns.

I realize not everyone believes in all of this silliness (Cheryl word ♥). That's okay I still love you.  

BUT if you do, you'll love this adorable little girl.
(non-believers can watch her too, she's that cute)

She gets it!

Jessica's Daily Affirmation


Cheryl Joy said...

I've seen that video before and I looooooove it! She is so adorable!!! :)

I miss you!

Diane said...

It is amazing how I can feel down and as soon as I start naming things I am thankful for, the list is endless and I am overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude. Love this sweet video! I think of her mother, who is doing a great job focusing her on "the good things in life". Jessica has wonderful confidence in life and herself!

Kayley said...

Haha she is pretty cute!

Marci said...

Haha! I love that! I need to start getting my girls to do that in the morning...and me too!

calicocat said...

I love affirmations and that is too cute!

wendy said...

Loved this. I think daiily affirmations are important...even though during some of my darkest times, I scoff at them....but then I get through and realize the strength they actually give me.

Our minds do indeed overposer our bodies in many ways. The spirit is strong and prayer is our anchor.

Brittany said...

It is so much easier to complain and focus on what is going wrong but once I start reminding myself what is going well (which I should do daily in the mirror like this cutie) the list greatly diminishes my problems.

queensy said...

I think I'll watch this every day!

Mano said...


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