Sunday, December 12, 2010

Concert Season

Last week Hope had two Holiday Concerts.

Thanks to Marci we have the video of the 
Taylor High School Symphony Orchestra Concert.
  Hope's favorite number was the
"Hungarian March, Op. 24"~Hector Berlioz 
Directed by Mr. Bailey

We were amazed that we were listening to High School kids!


Christina said...

WOW! what a great program! Those kids sure are talented! Hope has so many talents! Voice, music and beauty! (I know the last one isn't a talent but I had to put in there because it's TRUE!!)

Great video!

Brittany said...

It sounds beautiful. What a talented lady she is.

Marci said...

It was seriously impressive! Even Mike couldn't believe it when I played him the video!

Sally said...

I just listened to that 3 times in a row! Wow!

Diane said...

Hope is an awesome young lady.

sewpink said...


Heather said...

Hope is so talented - what a great ability to be able to play so well!