Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy February

Goodness Gracious is it really February!  
I don't even know where to begin..........

First of all we had the Merriest Christmas ever!   It was so fun to have Mack home nice and safe 
AND he and Cheryl came for a few days for Christmas.

So, here we go, my February 1st ~ Christmas Reflection Post

 Of course Ella and Addie had a baking day with Nana.
I so love these sweeties!

We always have Christmas Eve dinner at my mom's and then open our presents from each other.  
I love these pictures Cheryl took that I stole from Marci :)

Mom's Pretty Table
Mack & Cheryl Joy
The Bros!
Preston opening his present from Nana and Grandad
I was hoping I'd get a new Calendar from the grand babies!

 It was so fun to have everyone together.

On Christmas morning we had brunch at our house.
Ella and Addie at their little table
Thanks Cheryl for taking these pictures ♥ of the morning...
Granddad and Preston are Big Time Buddies

The Dining Room Christmas Eve

The Dining Room Christmas Morning
We're going to need a bigger table!

The Menu for Christmas Eve Dinner at Mom's and Christmas Brunch is at Marci's Menu Blog:


monstermash said...

What a fun Christmas. Glad everyone was there!

Marci said...

It was so fun...I'm ready for it to be Christmas again, but no more cold weather! :-)

Ann Marie said...

Your house looks beautiful.. Your family looks beautiful.. and you look beautiful! :)

C said...

I love, love LOVE your Christmas village! Your house just looks so welcoming and cozy!

stacey said...

I love that your family is so close. I hope when my kids grow up they'll want to be together like that!