Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thank You Thursday

  Happy Thoughts for You
Freebie Alert : Free Positive Thoughts Poster!
Poster  by: Amanda Oaks via Tip Junkie

Free Positive Thoughts Poster - PDF

All you need to do is print the poster on copy paper, cut up the dashed lines & hang it (somewhere good).

Happiness will follow you thereafter.

… well it certainly is worth a try!



Stacie Jean said...

My mom printed this out for me & I have the exact one hanging in my office at work. People always get a smile out of looking at it. Great idea!

Heather said...

How funny -we copied this and taped it to the mailboxes in our neighborhood about a year ago. My girls kept wanting to check to see if the tabs had been pulled! Such a sweet idea.

Sally said...

This is awesome!

Marci said...

super cute idea!

Andrea said...

Oh, I love Kind Over Matter!

smgregory said...

i love this! i have just printed several copies and am going to post them around my small town in rural arkansas. thank you so much for making this kind gesture available! in peace. susan