Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Fixer

Over the years I've worn lots of different hats.

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker .....

I now have a new hat to add to my collection.

I really do adore my new hat.
An appropriate nick-name might be
The Hero
I get to wear my new hat almost every week.

I fix zippers, glue pearls on flower clips, sharpen pencils, untangle necklaces and "find things".
I always feel so appreciated when I wear "The Fixer" hat!
One of my latest "missions" was particularly challenging.

 Ella adopted Marci's blanket from her childhood.
A sweet little lady in our ward in San Diego made it for my baby shower.
She, by the way, was the only one that thought I was having a girl!
It was a cute white blanket with tiny pink rosebuds. 
(That was VERY popular at the time.)

It was soft and plush, as she used quilted fabric as the top layer and then tied it with white yarn.  I loved it and when Marci arrived, so did she!
Needless to say after "lots" of years with the original owner and now 7 years with the new owner, Ella ... 
the pretty, plush blanket was no longer pretty and plush. 
Marci brought it to me and pleaded .... 
is there something you can do to salvage this?
"For Ella "  ?? ....  Of Course
Once again on with my New Hat ! !

The top fabric is very worn and the little flowers have completely faded away.  The fabric is so very soft though and Ella wanted to change the blanket as little as possible.

The back of the blanket showed the most wear and tear.
I decided to keep the top fabric and replace the back.
The poor ole' batting was holding on for dear life around the edges but the middle had come away completely .

I decided to replace it with a  batting  that is 50% organic cotton and 50% bamboo.
I used a thick flannel for the new back piece.

Ella approved the job! 

Faces like this are why I love my new hat! 


Marci said...

I'm so glad you live close, but you are still my fixer for things ALL the time :-)! Ella loves the blankie...I'm so glad you were able to save it!

Heather said...

Cute - you did wonders to that blanket!

wendy said...

You DO wear lots of hats.
but the one that would be most loved, I think
also being a grandma
is your NANA THE HERO hat

glad you were able to salvage the special blanket.