Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Wishes

Yesterday we had our little family celebration for Marci and Hope's birthday. I kept part of the Candy Bar up from Preston's baby shower. We had the "Cake LADY" make the cake ... per Hope's request :) We were thrilled with how it turned out. Can you believe the detail?! It was DEEEElishous too.

It was a beautiful day so sweet Aunt Hope took the cuties out on the trampoline for some fun.
Ella, Hope & AddieHurry Hope before Addie jumps off!

We are cute and we know it!
bye for now, I'm off to put that candy away!


Ann Marie said...

That cake looks soooo yummy!
What is it with everybody posting yummy treats today? It's breakfast, and I want some cake!!

Hope the birthday celebrations were the funnest!

Melissa said...

I don't know who took the pictures of the cake, but I am going to use it for cake blog. Thanks for the big "Cake Lady" shout out. Glad everyone was pleased.

Heather said...

That cake is too cute! I love it and nothing beats a cute candy bar!

Kayley said...

Hope did a good job picking her cake- it is SO CUTE! Addie looks SO happy in that last picture :)