Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thank You Thursday-Mrs. Miner

 There's a NEW Mrs. Miner!

Saturday our oldest Son married his soul mate, Cheryl Joy Whitley. Cheryl said God made them for each other and I believe that to be true.  Honestly, I could not imagine Mack with anyone else!

 Mark and Cheryl Joy's Wedding Day
 November 28, 2009

As guests arrived there was a check in with a security guard.  The girls just had to get a picture with him.

The wedding took place at Alpine Groves Park.
I loved  this  two-story farmhouse. It was built in the early 1900s and moved to the park to represent the history of St. Johns County's citrus industry.

Cheryl and her sisters, Carla and Cristin
Photobucket Photobucket

The Wedding Party just before
Photobucket Photobucket
(Ella and Addie -sweet little Flower Girls)
Cheryl made their cute baskets.

Meet Talan
(Cheryl and Mack's best friend's little boy)
Cutest Ring Bearer Ever

 Cheryl and her adorable dad.
(I wish I had a picture of the expression on Mack's face as he watched her walking towards him with her dad.

No doubt about it, he is soooo in love with that girl)


The ceremony took place at sunset.

(holding back the tears....kinda)

getting ready

such a cute picture ... but missing little Addie
 Cheryl's Family

Our Family

Mack and Cheryl's families and friends

Happy Newly Weds

 Happy "in-laws"

The Dinner Reception
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Everything was beautiful!
Cheryl's mom and dad greeting everyone

 Cute Preston

 Mack and Cheryl with their best friends.

There was a fireplace in the back patio with all the fixings for S'mores.
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 Addie and Ella were in heaven.
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 Cheryl  framed pictures of their parents and grandparent's weddings
and placed them on the fireplace mantle.
"The Girls"
Marci, Cheryl, Kayley and Hope

Our nephew, George with Mack
Our nephews Mick and Andy with Scott
My brother, Kirk with Mack and Cheryl
 Our nephew, Jack and Preston
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 Marci and Hope (silly sisters)
My adorable parents
The Wedding Cake

The Patio
Our Family in front of the fireplace
Mr. and Mrs. Miner

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Marci said...

It was such a beautiful wedding, fun night, and cute couple. I'm glad you are back to blogging :-)!

Cheryl Joy said...

You're back! YESSS! And I'm in the [about our family] blurb! Yayyy! (Mark thought it was silly that I requested to be in there :). That was a lovely post- very comprehensive!

Andrea said...

Beautiful! Congratulations!

Mark Miner said...

It was wonderful getting our entire family together and welcoming the new Mrs. Miner.
Cheryl and Mack are a perfect match. We have been very blessed.