Monday, January 25, 2010

Whirlwind Week

"You can do it.  You can do it.  You can do it."
... I keep telling myself .

Every week is filled with lots of "to do's".,orders,driving kids,errands, laundry, driving kids, appointments, meals,
driving kids, church work, driving kids, and so on...

Then there are those weeks where things pile up.
AND this would be one of those!

* Tuesday Hope's Appt. 9:30 am
Tomorrow Hope has an appointment with an
Orthotics & Prosthetics specialist.
It will be pretty much an all day event to the Medical Center.
She is getting a new brace.
Her Orthopedic Surgeon told us people come from
all over the world to see him.
That is a "good thing" about living in Houston.
The BAD thing about living in Houston is apparently no one got the memo
"Drive Texas Friendly".

(even though it's kind of hard to miss!!!)

I get so stressed out driving in the city.  Thank You Laura for being our driver tomorrow!

* Cupcakes & Music 4:00 pm Sis. Miner's House
Sister Colson and all of the MiaMaids are coming over to decorate
cupcakes for New Beginnings
and work on their solos and duets with Sis. Anderson.

We're making little flags for the cupcakes that say
"Strong & Courageous", our theme for New Beginnings this year.

*Wedding Favors 7:00 pm
Mom and Kayley are coming over to help me make the wedding favors for Cassandra's Wedding.
This is where she got the idea for what she's having me do.

 Martha Stewart Weddings
  The Label I made for her:

We're attaching the label to herbal tea bags and putting them in pretty vellum envelopes
that Cynthia got from Martha Stewart  ( of course).

I'm so excited.  I think the girls will love it!

* Thursday- Hope's Bassoon Lesson
Solo & Ensemble Recital 5:30 pm MMJH
Marci is going to record it for us.
What would I ever do without her!

* Friday - Flowers for the Wedding
Addie's 3rd Birthday  

(Last week she celebrated in San Antonio with Meema & PaPa)

* Saturday - 8:00 am -  ..... ?
Cassandra's Wedding Day♥

*Sunday - Another Birthday Celebration for Miss Addie!

Why am I sitting here????????????
Gotta Go!


Diane said...

Whenever I ask Marci, "how's your mom doing?", she says one word, "busy"! ...she's not kidding ! Young Women's is such a busy calling, but so rewarding. enjoy your week...don't get stressed:)

Cheryl Joy said...

Whew! Running around can be much more stressful than working all day in one place. Stay calm and have fun!

Kayley said...

good luck! :)

Marci said...

I thought you were coming tomorrow during preschool again too...time to call Grammy :-). Good luck getting everything done, you crazy lady!

Andrea said...

You can do it! :)

wendy said...

Wow sounds lik eyou have your hands full. BUSY
alot of those pictures didn't come through for me.
I love your New Beginnings Theme

Heather said...

Those sound just like my weeks - just when I think I will cut a break and get some down time, another crazy week begins!