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Dime store candy makes a stunning springtime wreath to reinvigorate a door, mantle or dreary wall.
What you will need:
7 inch wreath form in green Styrofoam
   ( the green is formulated to accept hot glue)
Ribbon to wrap around form
   (several yards depending on the size wreath you choose)
Hot glue gun
Ribbon to make final bow (about one yard for hanging.)
Candy of choice (we used lemon sours)
Wrapping the wreath form with a coordinating color will give your candy a nice background instead of the green Styrofoam. Hot glue the candies onto the ribbon covered form. Create a pattern by organizing in rows or randomly. Hang from twine and tie on satin ribbon bow. Place a single hyacinth blossom just under the bow.

 Wallpaper Tree
Any blank surface becomes an enchanted forest with this patterned mural made from wallpaper scraps. Using this photo for reference, sketch a basic tree trunk on the back side of a sheet of wallpaper (you may want to practice first on butcher paper). Once you have your desired shape and height, cut out. On the back of another piece of the same wallpaper, again using this photo as a guide, draw branches of various sizes and shapes--including a group of three attached limbs for the treetop. Cut out the branches. Apply the paper trunk, then the branches, to your wall with ready-made paste. While the tree dries, trim remnants of other brightly patterned wallpapers into leaf shapes--you'll need about 60. Paste these to the wall so they appear to be sprouting from the branches.

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