Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Sweets

and such.

It seems I'm hooked on Candy Bars now.  The problem is I manage to walk through the dining room right by it several times a day.  For some reason I go that route to get anywhere in the house. hmmmmm  
I mixed in some "faux" goodies so the entire display wouldn't disappear before Easter!

A friend gave this little bunny for me 12 years ago. (Thanks Tammy!)
I thought he could pass as a yummy little chocolate bunny.

I found this one at Marshalls last month.
But Martha has a way to make your own

See how HERE

or better yet
Edible Chocolate Bunnies


Marci said...

We haven't been by your house in FOREVER!!! Maybe the kids and I will stop by today...they need to see the latest candy display (although they don't need to eat any of the candy)!

Diane said...

I put an Easter candy jar out on Tuesday. I made it part of a group of photos so it would be disguised a bit. Then, I just let my family discover it. Chloe noticed it in an hour. It took Steve a little longer. As of last night (Thursday), it is all gone. Our candy never makes it to Easter. Luckily, the bunny will bring more.

Ann Marie said...

I love-love your apothecary's!

Every jar is so darling!

I know it's weird.. but my kids don't get into mine. People always ask me how I can have those things out.. but they really don't!

I do try and have some treats around that they CAN have.. so maybe that's it!