Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Today is Mark Partridge Miner's
(aka Mack)
Mack was born on Cinco de Mayo but truly, he should have been born on July 4th!  There are so many things that I LOVE about Mack and one of the first that comes to mind is how
he is. Even when he was just a bit of a guy he had this innate reverence and respect for the flag. He was more excited to learn the Pledge of Allegiance than the alphabet.  When he was in HS, he started the Young Republicans Club and after 911 arranged to build a monument that still stands at his HS, Bartram Trails.  He is serving our country on his second tour with the Army National Guard and is currently in Kuwait. \You can check out his blog:  Boots in Baghdad
He is   
to family, friends
and what he believes in.
He is a wonderful brother to his sisters and the perfect big brother to look up to.  He always has your back and then some!
Mack is
 He is the youngest County Commissioner in St. Johns' County. He's a fighter.  He believes in standing up and fighting for what he knows is right.
Mr. Mack is 
especially when it comes to choosing his bride and eternal companion.  He and Cheryl Joy were united in marriage November 28, 2009 only a short time before he had to leave for Kuwait.
... and now he is
Happy Birthday
to our 


Cheryl Joy said...

I love you!

I thank God everyday for being "complete". :)

Thanks for being an an amazing mom and an amazing mother-in-law! And thanks for raising Mark to be the awesome man he is today!

Marci said...

Such a cute post for Mr. Mack Man :-)! Happy Birthday Mack!!!

stblooms said...

Happy Birthday and Thank You!

monstermash said...

Amazing guy! Happy Birthday to you

Ann Marie said...

He truly is patriotic serving his country! Happy birthday to him.. and congrats to his cherished Mother for giving him life!

Dottie said...

Happy Birthday:)