Friday, May 7, 2010


Blogging has been such a blessing to me in many ways.  I have reconnected with people from years ago and I've made many new and dear friends.  I feel like I know you personally and feel joy and sadness as you share your stories.  I love to hear about your families and love the connection we feel.  That is why I am sharing this with you today.

Our daughter Marci married into an amazing family, The Freemans, that we immediately claimed as our own.  They are beautiful inside and out.   Marci's husband, Mike, has three sisters:  Brittany, Chrissy and Chloe.  We love them.  Chloe and Hope are the same age and cute little buddies.  We attended Brittany and Chrissy's weddings.  

We have been so excited for Brittany and her husband, Ili and the arrival of their first little baby.  Brittany's blog is private but she has been posting the entire adventure of her pregnancy and then the birth of little Wyatt.

Wyatt was only here on earth for 10 days.  He was born on April 24th and passed away May 5th.

My heart is so heavy as I try to even begin to understand the heartache and pain Brittany and Ili must feel.  They are wonderful parents and loved and cherished everyday with Wyatt, not knowing he would be taken from them in such a short time.
My daughter-in-law, Cheryl, pointed out the highlights in Wyatt's eyes look like little white hearts♥. 

Please pray for them and their families.  They have felt the prayers and love of so many but I wanted to add more.  Tomorrow ( Saturday, 5/8) will be a difficult day as it is Wyatt's  Memorial Service.

Marci and Mike set up a fund for Brittany and Ili to help cover little Wyatt's funeral services. I have added it to the side bar of my blog thinking if any one was so inclined ... every little bit can help.

Thank you for your prayers and heartfelt thoughts for the Yuans and Freemans during this difficult time. 


Cheryl Joy said...

You are so very eloquent. I'll be saying constant prayers for Brittany, Ili and the rest of the family tomorrow. They have handled the loss of sweet little Wyatt with such grade. God is good.

Cheryl Joy said...

(I meant grace, not grade)

calicocat said...

What a sweet little family. We will all pray for them.

Dottie said...

My prayers to all of you.

Ann Marie said...

This breaks my heart.

My prayers and thoughts will be with them for sure...
I know how much it has helped my Father to have even strangers praying for him and showing such love. I especially appreciate your little notes you leave on his blog. You are an awesome lady.

I hope that you have a wonderful Mothers Day. You are such an incredible mother.. you deserve some spoiling... :) Love ya..

KelleyAnne said...

Thanks Ann Marie♥

queensy said...

I haven't checked your blog in a while and was going through all your posts. I am so sorry for that family and will definitely pray for them.