Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WHooooo Wants a Cupcake?

I saw these Owl Cupcakes 

on Heather's blog.  

I thought they were so cute and just had to make some! 

Next year I will definitely follow the tip I found Here.

I'm positive that when I have shared Oreos with the kids in the past and split them in half they separated perfectly but that just wasn't happening for these cupcakes.

If only I'd known the secret tip...
(microwaving a few cookies at a time for several seconds helps to keep the cream side solid)

We had our annual Halloween Dinner and it was lots of fun.

I'll have to steal some more pictures from Marci.  
I was too busy to get them this year.

Princess (Tiana ) Ella and  Frog Preston and of course,  Addie Cat

pictures via  Marci
Creative Cupcake
 in the Works

Scott & Kassandra
Addie & Little Cat from Grandad
Great Frog and Little Frog

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Brittany said...

I saw those cupcakes on Marci's blog and thought they were so cute! What a yummy compliment to the taco soup.