Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thank You Thursday

Tomorrow is
November 5th

Frog's Birthday!
Happy Wishes

Lots  of Lve

to my
Dear Dad
My dad is an amazing guy. A career in the U.S. Navy meant that he was often gone for months at a time. Even so, I was "daddy's little girl" and I knew that always, if he was home or away. Being the only daughter in the middle of two boys could be frustrating to a girl, especially when we were voting for what TV show to watch! It could also be pretty wonderful and that it was most of the time.
When I was tiny my dad called me his "sweetie pie" and I repeated, "I'm daddy's Wheetie Pie". To this day, I still sign my notes and cards 
~Love, Wheetie Pie.

My dad has many attributes and talents. I admire his strength, integrity and compassion just to name a few. He always made me feel safe when I was a child and he knew the answer to EVERYTHING. I'm still learning from him even today just by the life he leads.
I love you, Dad!

Wheetie Pie


Marci said...

Happy Birthday Frog! I can't wait for his birthday dinner :-)!!!

wendy said...

Your dad is very handsome
and having seen photos of your mom, she is beautiful
soooooo, little wheetie pie, you came from a pretty great gene pool

my dad is my hero.

Lisa said...

What a wonderful blog you all have here! I found you through Pinterest and I am SO impressed! Loved the post on your Dad - I am such a daddy's girl and have dedicated a blog just to him. Love the pics of your parents cute : ) Hope you don't mind another follower!