Friday, February 4, 2011

A Cat Tale

The title of this story is:
Meet Sally

The story began last November... 

Once upon a time there was an adorable couple also known as my mom and dad. They befriended  a cute stray cat that frequently showed up at their back door.  She was very smart and in no time had  adopted them.
They named her "Cat" ...  I know , right.

"Cat" was a pretty white cat with splotches of black.  My parents already have 2 indoor cats so although they didn't let her inside the house they fed her and  made a sheltered sleeping area for her.
It was crystal clear, SHE had claimed them as "hers". ( its a cat thing)

Long story short, it turned out, Miss Cat was a Mama Cat.  My dad found 5 teeny weeny kittens on the side of their house. 


Guess who ended up with new kittens???

  Marci and Mike adopted a brother and sister team.  They are silver tabbies. Addie named her little boy "Tom" and Ella named her little girl "Beauty".  

Kayley and Scott adopted a pretty white brother sister team ~ "Winston" and "Samantha".

long pause ...
there was yet another kitten.  She was black with perfectly placed white markings.
Did you guess?
We adopted "Sally".  When she is naughty and must be reprimanded her name is Sally Jean.  We love the way she is painted.  She has a white goatee and bib.  White boots and gloves and my very favorite detail is a sassy Marilyn Monroe beauty mark! If we'd noticed it sooner perhaps her name would be Marilyn.

As you might know we already had adopted a brother team when Marci's adopted stray cat "Meow Meow"
(named by Ella who was a toddler at the time) had a litter of ALL white kittens. 

When we brought little Sally home it was NOT 
love at first sight.
Bill and Blanco were not happy campers in the beginning.  
I was even fearful for little Sally Jean at first.

Senior Blanco

Silly Bill
(aren't his eyes cute!)

Such Brotherly Love

My Mom kept saying give them time.  Once again she was right.  They are one big happy family now.  They look so cute when all three are sleeping together especially with Sally in the middle.  They look like a yummy Oreo cookie in reverse.
Blanco is so patient 
check out Sally's beauty mark!

My parents are thrilled with all of the adoption arrangements as now they can visit all the cute cats any time they want! 

Oh!  ....  and they all lived happily ever after♥


Author's Note: THAT'S it people.  I don't care who ends up with a stray cat and kittens.  We're good.   REALLY!


stacey said...

Cat had really cute kittens :)

Diane said...

I loved that story...and such cute illustrations;) ....but whatever happened to "cat"? is she still out in mom and dad's yard?

Marci said...

Sally's beauty mark is seriously the cutest thing ever. We have met our cat quota too :-)!

wendy said...

Cute cats (except I sorta kinda don't like cats) BUT CUTE CATS.

when growing up my sister had a siamese cat...and it was trained to use the toilet (no kitty litter box) pretty awesome eh

Also, same sis got a dog and named it deeeoogee
when taking it the vet, they asked how to spell deeeoogeee
sis said. D. O. G.

Heather said...

Even though my kids keep begging for a dog - they would totally love one of those cute little kittens as well.
Too cute!

Also, I loved all of your pretty pictures from Christmas!

Marci said...

I wish the kitties still looked like this! SOOO cute!