Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sally wants to be.....

 a Witch for Halloween
Sally and Miss Fiona have become BFFs
I suppose that has influenced her somewhat. I will tell you this.
When her mind is made up….her mind is made up!
So a witch she shall be.
Weve been on the lookout for the perfect hat.
What do you think about this one?
It is rather small but don’t you just love the way the green trim
brings out the green in her eyes? She said, “possibly”.

To this one, her response was “no way Jose”.

I thought the fit was better. Sally said it was too heavy.

I guess she does look a bit weighted down …. so the search continues.

til next time


monstermash said...

So cute! Sally is adorable.

Marci said...

The girls LOVED seeing Sally with her hat. We are going to try to make little birthday hats for Tom and Beauty's birthday on Monday.

Andrea said...

SO cute! I like the second hat.

Heather said...

Sally is the cutest thing and she will look great in anything you decide to put on her!!!

I also LOVED the gratitude post! Sooo many great quotes!

wendy said...

What a gorgeous cat....her fur looks so shiny
I am sure you will find the Purr-fect halloween hat for her.

Kayley said...

this post makes me happy :). I LOVE her little hats!!