Monday, February 13, 2012

A Repeat Offender

{a perfect Valentine Cake too!}

Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake
so Delicious & Easy 

Last Year's Yummy Cake

Kayley wanted a "Chocolately" cake last year for her birthday. Heather is my GO TO GIRL when I need a fabulous recipe. Once again,she came through again with shining colors! 

Tripe Chocolate Fudge Cake
1 chocolate cake mix (with pudding in the mix!)
1 large box chocolate pudding
1/2 c vegetable oil
1/2 c warm water
4 eggs
1 c sour cream
1 12oz package chocolate chips

Grease and flour a 12 cup bunt pan and preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Combine cake mix and pudding mix. Blend in oil, water, eggs, sour cream. 
Stir in chocolate chips. Pour into pan.
Bake 45 min-1 hour.
Cool 10 min, then slide knife around edges of pan and invert.
Cool completely and glaze.

Melt 1/3 c margarine and stir in 2 cups powdered sugar. Blend in 1/2 t. vanilla.
*my mom's friend sometimes just heats up a tub of frosting from the store and pours over the top instead.

Kayley didn't hesitate when asked what kind of cake or dessert she would like for her birthday.

Since it was the second year in a row I decided to add a festive banner with her birthday number on it. She's turned the big Two Five this year (which makes me age four when I had her, my story is getting harder and harder to believe)!

I found the cute printable number banner 

Hope all those wishes come true LeeLee!

 {all photos by Marci}


Marci said...

It makes me want it again...SO good!

wendy said...


Heather said...

That cake is beautiful 0 Happy birthday to Kayley!

Kayley said...

Thanks for making me the cutest cake ever! I want it every year, please :). Because it's THAT good!

Dottie said...