Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thank You Thursday - Baby Love

Welcome Baby Oliver

We are so excited that Baby Oliver's arrival is soon upon us!  Last weekend
 we had a fun celebration for our cute mom-to-be, Kayley.  

Kayley's friend, Lisa, has this amazing house that is centrally located 
and offered it for us to have Kayley's Baby Shower.  

It was so fun planning and preparing for the shower and we couldn't be happier with how everything went.  
Marci is the "esteemed cook" in our family.  Her menu blog is my favorite reference when I need a recipe.  
She came up with ideas for food and prepared and  coordinated with some of 
Kayley's friends that wanted to help out. 

Kayley's sweet mother-in-law Lorna offered to take care of the dessert.  
 We decided cupcakes would be fun.  

Lorna shopped around 
and decided on the most amazing cupcakes.  She got them
They were delicious~
She brought three flavors and I really couldn't pick a favorite.  
Vanilla, Lemon and Peanut Butter Chocolate. 

Kayley designed amazing invitations, some banner letters, cupcake toppers 
and tags and labels for the food and favors.  
Cupcake Table

My mom addressed and mailed the invitations for us.  
She loves hand addressed letters. 

 I adored my assignment.  I got to take care of decorations and favors.
I had so much fun sewing circle banners.  It became addictive and before I knew it 
I had a mile of them.  As it turned out it was the perfect amount when 
 we went to set them up in Lisa's beautiful house the day before the shower.
They looked so pretty in the four front windows .

Kayley painted the "B is for Baby" sign when she was in High School.

I love using it for Baby Boy Showers.
Kayley e-mailed a file to show me the cupcake toppers she was designing.  I thought 
they were adorable and printed one not realizing it hadn't yet been re-sized. 
It was a 5 1/2 inch circle! It was so funny but I loved it 
and couldn’t bare to just toss it 
so I decided to incorporate it into a banner for the beverage bar. 

 I love this old window. It is so fun for holidays and parties. I found it 
on Etsy last year and it was perfect to feature the important announcement.  

There have been so many cute showers and parties where 
mason jars were used for drinking glasses and 
they were a nice size  for the "must have" striped straws.

The “Welcome Baby Oliver” banner Kayley designed was adorable.  
 After I printed it and cut it out I decided to add some pennants 
behind her letters to better show them off.

A couple of years ago I made advice and prediction cards for a friend’s baby shower.
I thought it would be fun for Kayley and Scott.

The food was divine.

For the favors I decided to make Rice Krispie Treat pops.

Something  simple and gluten free for Marci and Hope.  

I think they’re ready now 

A big thanks to Marci and Kayley's friend, Kalina for all of the wonderful pictures!


dreamit said...

OH MY GOSH! That shower was so adorable!!!!

queensy said...

I love it all. Such happy colors.

Hope said...

this post made me so happy :)
the shower was AMAZINGFUL

Heather said...

That is my kind of shower - details put into every single thing! I am sure Kayley loved it! your circle banner was so cute - aren't those so fun to make? And that house....I am dying!!!!!

Andrea said...

How fun! I love the colors.

Ann Marie said...

Beautiful shower!!
I love how cheery the yellow is!

The window is adorable.. and I love your circle banners!

I promise to e-mail you back soon. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

Dottie said...

Such a beautiful shower! Love all the pretty colors.

miss willow said...

It looks so fun. I'm sure Kaley loved it.

Team Turner said...

It was so darling!

wendy said...

OH WOW.....what a gorgeous baby shower. It must have been soooo fun. Can't wait for you to post new baby pictures!!!