Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thank You Thursday

Tonight at church we had a Relief Society Birthday Celebration.
The theme was
“What I Learned From My Grandmother”
An evening honoring the strong women that have influenced us.

We had a dinner where everyone contributed from favorite recipes handed down from their grandmothers and tables set up with family heirloom displays. Speakers shared humorous and inspiring stories of their own grandmothers. My friend, Cynthia and I did all the table centerpieces and used items from our grandmothers and some of our friend's heirlooms too. It was so fun to work with the delicate items. I kept thinking if only they could talk! I got some pictures as we were setting up. This is one of my favorite tables.

For the past few weeks in preparation of this I have thought so much about my grandma,

Flora Hansen (my mom's mother).

Flora Hansen

She had so many talents. I can't even imagine what that must have been like! She was an amazing pianist and taught piano lessons in her home for years. My mom has the comic books that grandma kept out on her side table for students to read while waiting for their lessons.

Items set out on the dining room table to take for display.

Grandma was a beautiful seamstress. My mom was the only girl and grandma loved to sew for her. During my mom's teen years she could just pick out a prom dress from a magazine and grandma would design it and sew one up for her. I've seen the pictures and they were all so beautiful, as was the girl wearing them!

My Grandma LOVED to work in the garden. I stayed with her for a few weeks once and I can remember waking up very early on a particular morning( which was unusual for me). I couldn't find her anywhere in the house and was starting to panic when I looked out the back window and saw her working in the flower garden. She was patiently pinching back the blossoms on her pansies. She showed me what she was doing and explained to me that it would help the flowers spread out and not grow long and lanky. I always "pinch back" now and I always think of grandma and that morning, when I do so. (Her little gardening shovel is pictured above. I keep it displayed in my laundry room)

She adored being a woman. She loved lace, perfume, handbags and shoes! She ALWAYS had her fingernails painted this pretty rose color. I can still picture her small hands always creating or preserving something.

Flora's Manicure Set

Flora in Photo and her Powder Case to the right,also shown here are her feather and sequined hats

Her motto was"Use it up, where it out, make it do, or do without." Now a days that is fresh in my mind! I am so thankful I knew my grandmother as a child and through my early years of motherhood. I cherish my memories of her and the lessons she taught me.


Annemarie said...

What a great evening and such special memories you have. I believe I was fortunate enough to meet your cute Grandma once or twice. What a neat lady.

Diane said...

These are such beautiful thoughts and tributes to your Grandmother. She comes from a generation when women truely dressed like ladies, and honored their roles as wives and mothers and all that entails. We have so much to gain from our grandmothers, thank you for sharing yours and thoughfully reminding me of mine....whose name was also, Flora.

Andrea said...

Your grandmother sounds wonderful. And I really like that idea for a RS Birthday celebration.

Marci said...

What a cute post...I learned some new things about Granny too. I'm glad that I am able to have my own memories of her as well (like the Andes mints that were always in a little crystal bowl on her coffee table).

kelley said...

I loved your blog about Flora 'my Mom'. It was a special evening. It was my grandmothers birthday on the 5th. Jennie Barton. She was a giggle box. Loads of fun. I have great memories of her. Thanks for the special time.

Dottie said...

What a wonderful evening that must have been. I think it's a beautiful idea. Your grandmother was such a lovely little lady!

wendy said...

Those displays are gorgeous!!!! How wonderful to honor grandmothers like that. I LOVED my grandma and miss her terribly. They lived on a farm, and I have countless cherished memories there. Thinking about them and writing this brings a tear to my eye.

monstermash said...

I love what you all did. I have a special bond with my grandma and this post brought those memories fresh to my mind. Thanks!

sewpink said...

Such a beautiful legacy!

stacey said...

What a wonderful evening. I'm sure everyone loved it. How beautiful to honor grandmothers!

dreamit said...

I love this idea. How wonderful!

Sally said...

It was fun to learn about your sweet grandma!

stblooms said...

Your grandma was a beautiful woman. What a wonderful way to celebrate the lives of your ancestors!