Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thank You Thursday

and the winner is......
Congratulations Kayley!

She has been a little entrepreneur since she was 13 years old. She loves art and is very creative. She started making purses that she designed, sewed and embellished with embroidery and shells. She loved to give them as gifts and everyone adored them. Soon people started ordering them from her and when Kayley was 14 she took them to a specialty boutique at Five Points an art district in Jacksonville. It was fun to be shopping and walk in a beautiful shop to see her bags!

She especially loves painting plaques. She painted her first one for her niece, Ella, and gave it to Marci at her baby shower.Once again, she started taking orders and I added them to my e-store. Here are a couple she did for my customers:

She then opened Pink Coconut Designs.

I'm so excited for Kayley and Scott. Kayley entered a contest through BYU for The 2009 Home Based Business Plan Competition. The contestants had to present a business plan and power point presentation. Kayley and Scott make such a great team as he is the perfect financial advisor and business consultant.
This is the new plaque she made for her presentation.

Earlier today Kayley did her Power Point Presentation, the last part of the competition.
They just found out she won!

Way to go- Kayley and Scott
They're on their way!


Annemarie said...

That is so cool! She is very talented.

Diane said...

Since Kayley hasn't posted about her win (she and Scott must be out celebrating!), I will give her my congratulations on your blog! She is such a talented girl, and I am so happy for her! Way to go Kayley!

sewpink said...

Congratulations to Kayley! I love her art work!!!

monstermash said...

Wow. That's a huge accomplishment!
Congrats to Kayley:)

Dottie said...

That is wonderful!

Sally said...

How exciting for your daughter. She is so talented!

dreamit said...

Great news!