Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Items in Etsy

I just added a couple of things to Pineapple Hill Etsy and Pineapple Hill Designs.
There are some fun things at Hearts and Hands too♥
Did I tell you?.......................I heart my new machine!


Diane said...

I heart your new machine too! I am crazy about monograming; the towels you made Chrissy are wonderful and they look great in her kitchen.

Marci said...

The boy stuff is super cute too...I hadn't seen those yet!

wendy said...

I love your creations. thanks for your comment on my blog. Now that the "news" is out, I will try and do a better job at blogging and keeping in touch.

Kayley said...

oooooooooh my gosh that stuff i SO SO SO CUTE!!!!!

Heather said...

Super cute - I think that I am loving your new machine as well.
If you send me your email address I will gladly send off the zuchinni bread recipe - it so good but my friend made me promise not to blog about it. She is worried that the secret ingredient (which are cinnamon chips) will be gone by all of the San Diego bloggers that visit my site!
You would love this bread!