Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thank You Thursday

..... little things that make me smile in random order


photo courtesy of Country Living

baby sugar

picture from Marci

watermelon on a sunny day

my kid's accomplishments

ribbons, ribbons, ribbons
Vv rouleaux_ribbon wall

photo courtesy of flickr

my favorite person on the planet
(grandad & Preston)

cafe rio pork salad

copy cat recipe and photo from" Favorite Family Recipes"

the Houston Temple

really there are so many things that make me smile.....
what makes you smile?


Kayley said...

mmmm, I'm thankful for pork salad too.

Andrea said...

I'm thankful for pretty much all of those things.

Heather said...

I feel like you pretty much made my same list! Cafe rio pork salad, cupcakes... yumm!
I love, collect and hoard ribbon as well!

Ann Marie said...

What great things!

Those cupcakes look yummy but man.. I love the stand they are on..

What a cute list!!

I love all of those ribbons! So organized and lovely!!

I want some Costa Vida now..