Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mr. Mark

 "30 reasons why I lve Mark"
(in no particular order)

  1.  I love that you have a great sense of humor. It was one of the first things that attracted me to you. You are hilarious. You kept me laughing when we first met and you still keep me laughing today. I love it.   
  2. I love your beautiful blue eyes.  
  3. I  love that you are an amazing father. You are involved in their lives, show them affection, lead them, teach them, and always love them. I couldn't have dreamed of having a better man to raise children with than you.   
  4. I love your kind heart. You have a genuine love for people and a have always had a spirit of generosity. 
  5. I love that you are gifted at ironing clothes and still iron everyone's clothes for church.
  6. I love that you are a very hard worker. You do so much for our family. 
  7. I love your eternal perspective.  You help me to see the big picture when I start to worry about the little things.  
  8. I love that you are the patriarch of our home. You are a protector.    
  9. I love that you are a wonderful granddad. I love to watch you tenderly rock a sweet baby to sleep.  I love the way you are playful and fun and always make time to make little ones feel special.
  10. I love that you honor your priesthood.
  11. I love that you are understanding and know when it's been a crazy week.  You never complain when I let things slide. 
  12. I love your cute legs.
  13. I love how you drive all the carpools you can when you're in town to lighten my load.
  14. I love how you are the life of the party. 
  15. I love the way you support me in all of my endeavors.  You are always my biggest fan
  16. I love the way you look in your suit every Sunday.  
  17. I love that you are a family man.  It is always so exciting when you manage to get an earlier flight.  I love that you'd rather be home with us than away.
  18. I love watching YOU watch football.  
  19. I love to talk to you.  Thanks for listening to me.  I know you are always there for me. 
  20. I love that you want to provide opportunities and experiences for your kids to learn and grow. 
  21. I love that you have sacrificed things you wanted so your children could have what they wanted. 
  22. I love the way you float in the pool after doing yard work on Saturdays. 
  23. I love that you always know just what to say when I am teary. 
  24. I love how you sing Christmas carols all year long.
  25. I love how you think everything I cook is delicious. 
  26. I love that you are proud of your children and are always their advocate. 
  27. I love your voice. 
  28. I love that you love me. You are the first person I want to talk to everyday.  You love to make me smile. You really are my best friend.
  29. I love all of our memories together.  I love them all. The sad ones, funny ones and sweet ones. We have learned so much together and I love who we have become together.   
   30.  YOU.  I love you. Simply YOU

Happy Anniversary Mark!


Annemarie said...

Happy Anniversary! This was a wonderful tribute!

Ann Marie said...

Awww! I loved this!
Happy Anniversary to you both!
Many of the things you stated are so endearing.. and much like my own husband..

So FUN that your hubby irons too! Mine does it for me.. I HATE ironing.
It's the worst.

Marci said...

So cute! Happy Anniversary!
And I must say I love that he irons and I used to get mad at Mike when we first got married because I just assumed all men would iron my clothes on Sunday mornings :-). I have yet to train him at it though.
And I think my favorite thing is the silly songs and Christmas carols he sings all year though!

Marci said...

I didn't want you to feel left out though...I love how selfless you are and that you ALWAYS are thinking of others - especially me and my kids. I sometimes take it for granted until I'm around people who don't and then I realize how often you put others before yourself. And I love your cute decorating for the are my idol ;-)!

Cheryl Joy said...


kelley said...

May I add that Mark is a great son-in-law....and you, Kelley Anne, are a precious daughter. Congrats on thirty years. I love you both.

Diane said...

Well, THAT made me cry. It made me happy too. Such a beautiful tribute to your sweet just gets better and better doesn't it :)

Mark Miner said...

Wow Kelley Anne! I appreciate your kind and generous comments. As everyone knows, you are a wonderful, loving and patient person. I don't have a blog to share my thoughts about you, but I could easily list as many reasons why the past 30 years with you have been a "Wonderful Life".

Thanks for being there for me all the time.

I love you,


Heather said...

Wow - 30 years! You guys still look like newlyweds back when you lived in San Diego! Such a cute tribute!

Kayley said...

aw cute mom! I love a lot of those things about him too. You guys are such a cute couple and a good example to me of how to make a marriage last :)

dreamit said...

So sweet! I love the things you mentioned. You two are so lucky!!!

Brittany said...

What a sweet post. Happy anniversary to a perfect couple :)

Dottie said...

That post is adorable. The things you listed were so cute.

Sally said...

That was so touching.

Amy & Mark said...

So sweet, KelleyAnne! I loved reading your list. Happy Anniversary!