Friday, October 2, 2009

Thank You Thursday-The Power of Hope

The Power of Hope
I am so excited for this weekend to see General Conference. I love the down time with my family and look forward to the guidance and direction we will hear Saturday and Sunday. We (grammie's idea)started a new tradition. We get together for Sunday Dinner after all of the sessions and each person at the table talks about what they heard that most inspired them.

Last October Elder Uchtdorf gave his talk on the Inifinite Power of Hope. I chose HOPE as my "word of the year"of 2009.  I guess it was the right word because I have gone back to that talk several times(needed to).  Sometimes I just need the words to remember what I've known in my heart all along.
I just saw this for the first time. Look at the beautiful picture of NieNie right at the beginning. That girl is amazing. (If you don't know her story, you're probably the only one....go HERE and HERE .)
 THIS is beautiful.  Marci found her blog  last year and we were all hooked.  I know Stephanie has felt the love and prayers of people all over the world.  She is going to be okay. I've been so moved by her faith and her strength.  After watching this little video it dawned on me... SHE has hope.


Cheryl Joy said...

Oohh, geez louise. I just watched the youtube video and had to cry.

I looove NieNie so much. I'm so glad you and Marci heard about her story and posted her blog, because she has given me so much hope... and perspective. :)

Ann Marie said...

I loved this talk as well.. and can't wait to hear the talks the next 2 days! :)

Nie is a wonderful example to many of us.. :)

stblooms said...

That video is beautiful. I love Nie too.

Diane said...

This video beautifully captures the essence of that great talk.

I think Stephanie and Christian are going to be on Oprah(they went to Chicago to do something that has to do with a celebrity). I hope so, it would be so inspiring to hear them share their story.

KelleyAnne said...

If you ever hear anything, let us know! That would be wonderful to hear from them.

Heather said...

My friend knows Christian;s family really well and she heard that they were on Oprah - I can't wait to see that! They have really inspired so many people with their story!

Kayley said...

Thanks for sharing- both videos gave me goosebumps. Let me know if your find out when they'll be on Oprah so I can be sure to record it.