Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thank You Thursday

Rain or Shine Family Time!

Last week the whole gang (minus Mack and Cheryl ) spent a week together. Marci came up with the idea and did all the leg work.  Marci and Mike found a Beach House to rent and everyone saved the date.
 picture via Marci

We brought games and books but mostly sand and water toys, 
of course... 
(beach, sand, water)
You'd think, right?

  picture via Marci
(Preston catching a moment with the sun out)
Unfortunately  the weather didn't cooperate too long.

picture via Marci

Well we did have advanced warning about Hurricane Alex, thanks to our friend Dr.Jim.
We decided to go anyway.  We knew it would be a whirl wind ...  and we had a blast!
  picture via Marci
Mike and Scott got this inflatable raft... 
 Cute Guys
 picture via Marci
Oh No!

  picture via Marci
Scott and Mike walking back empty handed, a guy on the beach helped them get it back :).

Each family provided an evening meal:
GreatFrog and Grammie - Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Miner's - Marinated Chicken on the Barbie
 picture via Marci
I'm craving that potato salad right now!

Scott and Kayley were able to come for one night 
 and we celebrated Mike's birthday. 
 picture via Marci
Hope with her adorable little nieces♥

Definitely a new Summer Tradition for the Miner Clan!  


Annemarie said...

What a great trip! I love the way you documented everything!

Marci said...

So cute...that newspaper was awesome (it took me a minute to realize it said things you had put in)!

Sally said...

I love hearing about your family get togethers!

Ann Marie said...

I want to go to a beach house! Lucky!!!!

What fun to all be with the family!
We are having a little family get together next week.. and I may have to whip up some of that Dill potato salad! Yumm!!!

Thanks for sharing! You have a darling family!!

Cheryl Joy said...

Sounds like fun! We miss you guys!

Andrea said...

Fun! A vacation is still a vacation, even if it rains. :D

wendy said...

What a wonderful fun family time together.
I love the ocean.
Those waves looked a little scarry.

Brittany said...

That sounds like it was soooo fun! Oh how I miss the coast...