Friday, February 6, 2009

Love is in the air

a "Little" Love is in the air
I just realized I don't really have very many Valentine decorations.
I did put a few hearts around here and there.

the cherub door bucket on the front door
I love the Valentine Picks

Love in the KitchenWire Tree

here it is at Halloween
& at Christmas
(oops didn't have the picture- sugared fruit ornaments)
our newlywedslittle valentine gifts the extra tulle from Addie's skirt
heart in the hallwayedible hugs and kisses
i heart pillows


Heather said...

Soo cute1 I love my house during valentines month! it just is so whimsical and romantic!

Christina Bambina said...

I adore valentines day! it puts me in a romantic moode!

Ps: If you would like and excuse for a vacation, you are all more than welcome to come to our wedding in July! Xoxo! I'll get your address from Marci by email so that when the invitations are ready I can send them to you both! Xoxo!

Marci said...

I know which Valentine decoration Addie will notice first the next time we come over...the candy kisses :-)!

wendy said...

You have a beautiful sense of decorating and style. No wonder you have your own business. Valentine cards are my favorite of all time.

Andrea said...

Cute decorations! I don't have many decorations up either, but that's because my apartment is too small. :oD

Peace, L♥ve, Applesauce said...

Looks adorable!

stblooms said...

I think everything looks so cute!

sewpink said...

Love your house!