Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 10, 1994

It's hard to believe another year has passed!
Today Scott turned 15.

When Scott was little, he was a real "NEAT FREAK". He collected match box cars and kept them perfectly lined up in a row by color. If someone moved one he knew exactly which car it was and the place it belonged in the line up.One of the funniest things he did was the night before his 4th Birthday. Kayley, who was 11 at the time decided to decorate his room after he fell asleep so when he woke up on his birthday he'd be ready to celebrate. She blew up balloons and put them all over his room. She had streamers from one corner of the room to the next. It looked awesome. (of course, Kayley did it)

Later that night before going to bed, Mark and I went up to check on Scott and Hope, our nightly routine. As we walked up the stairs and turned the corner we saw a row of balloons and a pile of streamers in the hallway. Scott had woken up for something and cleaned the whole thing up!

Scott 4 yrs.
(Today on the other hand, we could have a party in his room and he'd never know it.)
I'm hoping he'll revert back to his Neat Freak days....SOON.

Uncle Scott and Preston

summing up

S- spiffy (hope's word-the ultimate compliment)
C- car expert
O- optimistic
T- tough
T- tremendous


Brittany said...

What a cute post, and that is hilarious about his color coordinated cars!

Brittany said...

oh and happy birthday Scott!

sewpink said...

Happy Birthday Scott. I mean Spiffy Scott.

Ann Marie said...

Darling tribute!
So cute about his "neatness"..

Happy Birthday Scott!

Heather said...

What a cute boy! Parker lines up all of his cars as well and knows exactly where they are at all times! Must be a boy thing!

Happy Birthday to your Scott!

stacey said...

What a handsome youngman. Happy Birthday Scott!

Kayley said...

aw I loved this post- he was so cute when he was little (and still is today)!! Happy Birthday Scotto!!

stblooms said...

Happy Birthday to Scott. He's such a nice young man.