Thursday, September 17, 2009


...just checking in. (from the kid's computer)
Still hoping and wishing and waiting.  I've got
my embroidery machine hooked up down here.
...making do♥


stblooms said...

I'm glad you got your embroidery machine hooked up. Good Luck with your computer!

monstermash said...

Gosh. I hope they figure it out soon. I've missed all of your posts:(

Annemarie said...

...waiting patiently!

Diane said...

So sorry this problem continues for you, so distressing.

I've got my fingers crossed for ya.

wendy said...

It is NOT cool to be without our computers eh. So I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and see if that helps any.
Now that I am settled, I am trying hard to keep on top of everyones blogs
it is always fun to visit yours my friend

Karen said...

I miss you girlfriend! Let's get together soon.