Monday, September 28, 2009


It's been a long haul with our computer trials.

You know what they say,

If it weren't for a little creative outlet,



and some baby sugar, 
This BABY oozes happiness!

pictures from Marci's BLOG

...Nana would be a total mess.
I'm back on track AGAIN and I refuse to have another computer problem.  I mean it.


Marci said...

Your new items for your store are SOOO cute!!! Hopefully all your computer problems are behind you now!

Cheryl Joy said...

I loove your baby bloomers! I can't wait to find out if my friend is having a girl so I can order her some.

Kayley said...

your new designs are SOOOOO cute! I just keep looking at them over and over again because they make me happy :)

Diane said...

those halloween bloomers are the cutest thing i have ever seen, you have such talent.the other day, chloe asked me to decorate our house for halloween like you do because "every nook and cranny is soooo cute"....i am trying :)

Andrea said...

Glad you're back! I love the boo bloomers.