Monday, September 14, 2009

Would you believe

my computer is in the shop AGAIN.  I know.  It is hard to believe.  You know how Windows has those updates...well, after updating, there were instructions to restart the computer, the usual right?  I hit the button to restart and had to run out the door to do a couple of errands.  When I returned, the screen to sign in was not there. Instead the screen was black with the words: Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt. system 32/hal.dll.  Please reinstall a copy of the above.  This incident happened last Wednesday.  
Wish me luck. PLEEASE 
I'll get my computer tomorrow
I'll get my computer tomorrow
I'll get my computer tomorrow
It worked for Dorothy....why not!

Marci had a great idea. I just love that girl.I brought my camera over to her house and she downloaded some pictures  for me. Thanks Marci!

Last Friday Ella's elementary school celebrated "Grandparents Day" with an invitation to join them for lunch.
Ella requested Chik-Fil-A ...a girl after my own heart.
Have you had their lemonade? They even have sugar free and it's deeelicious. 
I just found this recipe.  I can't wait to try it.

Here are some pictures, thanks again Marci for downloading them.
Nana, Ella and Kirsten
It was so much fun to watch Ella interact with the other kids and meet her new friends.  Especially, one little blond boy. Evidently he sits by Ella on the bus and told me he sits by the girl he REALLY loves.  He said Ella was a vampire because she has little teeth...the ultimate compliment of course.  

O.K. now don't forget to send those computer wishes♥
I'll keep you posted (no pun intended~LOL)


Heather said...

I just hate computer issues - they are soo inconvenient!
I love love chick-fil-a and totally agree about their lemonade - yum!
Marci's girls are so cute and that is so funny that the little blond boy said she had small teeth -so she must definitely be a vampire!:0)

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Computer issues are the worst - wishes and fingers crossed are definitely being done on your behalf!

Annemarie said...

I still can't believe you are a look waaaay too young.

Cheryl Joy said...

My computer was having issues too. I spend 4 hours on the phone with Dell on Sunday. I ended up re-installing vista and then having to re-install all the drivers too. Works great now. :) Good luck!

monstermash said...

Good Luck!!!!

Ann Marie said...

You look sooo young! I am amazed that anyone believed you were the grandparent... :)

Sorry about the computer. Chad has had to restore TONS in the past month. He has had to wipe out everything and start fresh on many a computer.. so sorry you have to PAY to have it fixed! Wish we could help!

Diane said...

Lucky Nana....and lucky Ella, to have a special time together at her school. I still remember how EXCITING it was when my mom would come to my classroom for parties and whatnot. You and Ella have a lovely memory to share.

Diane said...

Please file this under "better late than never"....I completely forgot to thank you for having Chloe spend the night. Thank you for always welcoming her into your home. She and Hope are such cute friends and they have a good time entertaining their little nieces & nephew. Anyway, please forgive my poor manners :/

Marci said...

Ella had so much fun with you!

Andrea said...

Oh no! Good luck with your computer.

Kayley said...

I love that story about Ella's little boyfriend and hate that your computer is messed up AGAIN! Sending lots of computer wishes you way :)