Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today is 
 Kayley's Birthday!

These Pink and Green Cupcakes just  remind me of her
Actually she has requested an 
Icecream Cake 
for her Birthday Celebration 
this Sunday.

I found this recipe and can't wait to try it!
Peanut-butter-swirl Ice-cream Cake

Happy Wishes for a Beautiful Birthday!
I love you,


Marci said...

Way to go with the posts's like the good old days again :-)! And Happy Birthday to Miss LeeLee too!

The Chrissy Herself said...

Happy Birthday to Kayley! Those cupcakes are so cute... and I really like your new layout!

Cheryl Joy said...

Yay, Kayley!

I wish I wasn't so far so I could join in on all the FUN!

Diane said...

Happy birthday Miss Kayley!!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday Kayley!

K-Anne, your new layout is fun-tastic!

wendy said...

Hey you changed your blog somewhat. nice look.
I love pink and green ---my favorite actually.

and the family photo below is beautiful.

Kayley said...

thank you!!

stacey said...

Happy Birthday Wishes to Kayley