Monday, February 15, 2010

Mindful Monday

"Countless people have testified about the wonder that fills their hearts and minds and the joy that fills their lives as they conscientiously try to love all people. A change actually occurs in them. A miracle happens.
Thinking love, feeling love, sharing love, being grateful to God for love's warm healing comforting spell actually bring a change in one's physical appearance, behavior, and general health."
~Elaine Cannon


Heather said...

That is such a great quote! Thanks for sharing!

Cheryl Joy said...

I'm about to go to school. When I am dealing with even the most annoying, obnoxious of kiddos, I will try to love. :)

Marci said...

What a good quote! I LOVED it :-)!

The Chrissy Herself said...

ha, good one Marc, :-)

I can agree with this whole heartedly, and sadly, only a few times in my life when I felt like I was completely concerned about other people and felt so much love and happiness from that. I can honestly say, those were the times when I was most confident and sincerely happy with who I was... when I just lost myself in love and concern for others.

I need to get back to that...

thanks for sharing!