Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And the verdict is.................

GUILTY as charged.
A couple of weeks I found a recipe from my old cookbook collection
to make Kayley an Ice cream Cake for her birthday.
Peanut-Butter-Swirl Ice-cream Cake
How could I go wrong....
with ingredients like these:
 Oreo Cookie Crumbs to be used for the crust and 
Peanut Butter sweetened with some Honey

 then swirled into Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream

then around the oreo crust,chocolate dipped wafer cookies

 We decided this ONE is a keeper.
picture via Marci (my favorite source)

I was actually more excited about Kayley's gift than her cake.

Years ago after my grandma passed away, my mom found sweet little love notes she, "Flora" had tucked away. They were precious notes she and my grandpa had written to each other long, long ago. That year for Christmas my mom gave each of us(kids) a picture of my grandparents with the notes beautifully matted in different frames that matched each of our homes and personalities.
I was really close to my grandma.  Last year I had so much fun when 
we did a tribute to our grandmothers in Relief Society.
These were some of her things I had sitting out on the dining room table 
before packing them to take to the church.

this is it....not a very good picture
I love that picture and so do my kids as they have grown up with.  As were transferred to different locations around the country there was always a perfect spot to hang that picture.
After my brother, Mike, passed away, I gave Marci his copy and she was so happy to have it.  She has it displayed on her family room wall with black and white photographs.  I'm sure there is a picture of it somewhere on her blog but I couldn't find it.  Sure had fun looking for it though!  Grand-babies are soooo fun to look at.

Long Story Short
Kayley was visiting with my mom one day and told her what she really wanted for her birthday was a copy of that picture. My mom has the original pictures and notes framed and told Kayley she really hated to take it apart for fear something might get damaged.  Later my mom mentioned it to me and I just knew that was what I wanted to do for her.  It was hard not to tell Kayley about it and I even worried I'd run into her at Hobby Lobby  ( we love that place) where I had it framed.

We, NC YW Leaders, are all working on Personal Progress goals  right along side our girls.
For the Virtue Value Project I am making 100 Days Closer to Jesus Christ calendars for the YW to do this summer. Our Presdiency and Advisors are reading  the Book of Mormon for the Next 100 Days
Join in!

100 Days Closer to Jesus Christ
Book of Mormon Study
The following are suggestions to assist you in
"100 Days Closer to Jesus Christ"

1.   Arise early and invite the Spirit daily:
  • through humble, fervent, vocal prayer
  • by praying for a burning spirit of testimony to know the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon
  • by meditating about yourself and your family
  • by pondering the thoughts and scriptures of the day
2.  Organize your day and include the following:
  • daily scripture reading
  • family prayer
  • commitment to say only positive and uplifting statements about others
  • serve one person daily
3.   Attend the temple or prepare to obtain a temple recommend
4.   Try to obey all the commandments.
5.   Participate in Seminary/Do quality home/visiting teaching - 100% every time
6.   Hold/Participate in Family Home Evening
7.   Go the second mile in your Church callings and assignments
8.   Live by the Standards for Youth/ If married, plan a date with your spouse once a week
9.   Attend all Church meetings and diligently study the conference talks
10.  Share the Gospel and help the missionaries

You can go to Day 1  - here
Every day I will add a new scripture and references to our YW Blog.


Heather said...

That was such a great post - do you know that I remember your sweet grandma visiting our ward growing up? She was so pretty!

Also, I really need to follow along with your 100 days closer to Christ - what a great doable idea for the young women and for us as well!

Kayley said...

That cake was so good. I could eat it every day for the rest of my life. And I LOVE my picture... it's the first thing I see when I walk in the door and I just love it :)

The Chrissy Herself said...

That cake looks amazing and I always loved the love-note in M&M's house. I really like the YW's idea too!

Your blog has so many great, uplifting things!!!

queensy said...

That ice cream cake sounds so amazing. I love that birthday gift!

calicocat said...

I think that is so neat you could duplicate those pictures and note for your daughter's gift. It is beautiful.

Cheryl Joy said...

I noticed the picture in yours, Grandma Kelley's and Marci's homes. It is beautiful. I loved learning about your lives while I was there. I looked through Grandma Kelley's life book and we looked through tons of family photos. :)

Marci said...

Oh, that cake! YUMMM! Good for you guys doing the personal progress with your girls too...just what you need, more to do :-)!

wendy said...

Lots of cool things on this post.
That cake looks awesome!! I really try NOT to bake though cause it is just me and hubby and I CAN'T EAT ALL THAT STUFF--cause I would.

I abslutely love the photos of your grandma and grandpa and the love notes. What a beautiful keepsake!!

the 100 Days to become closer to Jesus Christ. That is a wonderful goal to work towards.

Emma said...

wow that cake looks so darn yummy!!!

Send some my way!hahaha