Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life is a Bowl of Cherries....

So sorry I'm a slacker of a blogger.  Here's a quick update:  

Miss Hope got her new brace and loves it.What a difference!

Front (the new one latches in the font!)                        Back

Check out her Converse shoes.  Her friend Mason did the artwork.  I love the detail and there are little stories and innuendos that go along with  the drawings.


We took these pictures while we were waiting for the doctor.
Scott smashed his hand between two 100 lb. dumbbells.  The last time he hurt his hand and told me it was fine it was broken.  This time we played it safe and went to Urgent Care to get an X-Ray.  We spent what seemed like forever waiting.  No break this time, just a severe contusion. 
I was bored waiting for the doctor again 
so Scott posed for a picture.

Orders and Projects from last week:


Mack and Cheryl came for a visit 
and we soaked up every minute we could!
Dinner at ChaChos

Pictures via Marci

And the traditional SCUM game.  We laughed so hard my side hurt!

As long as I'm stealing pictures..... aren't these kiddles cute!

Tomorrow I'm making Sprinkles Strawberry Cupcakes and  catching up with all of YOUR blogs!
Can' t wait ♥


Heather said...

That was a great catch-up - I want to play SCUM with you guys! we love that game!

Marci said...

I LOVE Scott's pose - he should have been an actor. And I can't believe the difference in Hope's old and new brace.

Ann Marie said...

Scott is a cute kid.. :)

Your family looks like ours when we play games. What fun!!

What is this brace for? I feel clueless...

Your family is beautiful.. your crafts are beautiful.. you live a beautiful life.. :)

Kayley said...

the stuff you made is SO cute!

Diane said...

I am glad Hope has a more comfortable brace, bless her heart, she has been so good about wearing it. Cute shoes. Scott is super buff and sure looks like Mack these days (in pictures, at least). Love all the things you made, so talented :)

Valerie said...

So much awesomeness in one post. :) I love those little poodle towels. Too cute.

I'll have to look up SCUM online because I've never played it.

wendy said...

well ok, ASIDE from my grandkids, those are the cutes kiddies ever.

fun photos. SCUM game, I am intrigued. I love playing cards.

I had a son drop some weights on his fingers too and totally SMASHED on of them. So gross. He was in alot of pain, in his own macho way.