Sunday, August 24, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Marci tagged me ~ 3 Things:

3 Current Goals: 1) Organize our Family Pictures, this will be a huge project! 2) Learn to play the piano. 3) Read my scriptures EVERY day.
3 Current Obsessions: 1)Vacuuming 2) Eating the candy from the wedding 3)Pink and Green, hopefully I'll recover
3 Fears: 1)I'm clausterphobic 2) Offending someone I care about 3)Driving in downtown Houston
3 Random Facts: 1)I have to have my toenails painted 2) I put the stereo on full blast when I'm cleaning 3) I'm dying to go on a trip somewhere....anywhere!

I tag AnneMarie and Christina Bambina


Marci said...

I definitely share your driving downtown fear :-), but maybe not quite as intensely! Let's go on a cruise and get $15 massages on the beach...I'm ready!

Diane said...

I can relate to several of your "3 things", but I had to laugh when I found out I am not the only one dusting to rock and roll (and country, since we moved to Texas)!

Annemarie said...

What IS it about vacuuming? I have a slight obsession with that, too!!