Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Nie Story

To learn more about this family, you can read the post on Marci's Blog. She was telling me the story today about Stephanie and Christian Nielson. They were in a plane crash on August 16th.

I just spent countless minutes reading the story and Stephanie's sister's blog . It truly is moving to see the strength in prayers and how something so tragic can be so beautiful. It is inspiring to me to read about all of the love and generosity of wonderful people, not just family and friends but strangers offering encouragment, making donations and reaching out in whatever way they can. I know, I will forever have a prayer in my heart for the Nielson Family and want to help spread the word. Thanks for sharing this Marci.

Go to the website set up for the Nielsons by clicking the button.
Read the NieNie Dialogues.

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