Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Marci's Little Girlies

Little did we know when I made the white "fluffy" (as Ella says)dresses for Brittany's wedding we would get so much mileage out of them!

The girls are going to wear them for Kayley's wedding too. We're switching out the black satin ribbon sashes for Pink & Green of course!

I ordered this reversible ribbon for their sashes. Ella wants to wear her ribbon tied with the pink w/ green polka dots and Addie will wear hers with the green w/ pink polka dots.

Leigh and Cynthia are making fresh flower halos for the reception but for the temple Marci will use the bows or flower clips.


Marci said...

I'm going to try on Ella's dress today with the ribbon to see which hair thing looks better...if I'm brave I'll attempt to try on Addie's too :-). Ella is SOOOO excited about the "pink diamond" earrings though!

Annemarie said...