Saturday, June 7, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I've been Tagged by Kayley..........

... So here's the scoop:

1. 10 Years Ago...
We lived in Chicago, Illinois and all five kids were still living at home.
Marci - 17, Mack - 15, Kayley - 11, Scott - 4 and Hope - 2. Boy does time fly.
I miss those days! I don't think I'd have the energy for it now.....

2. On My To-Do List for Today...
Rent Chairs or Chair Covers for the wedding, set up visiting teaching appointments,fill my orders, plan Scott's birthday dinner for this Sunday, take Hope and Kirsten to Fazolis for dinner.

3. Three Bad Habits of Mine...
1. I try to eat the whole elephant in one big bite!
2. Big time perfection issues.......
3. Starting a load of laundry and forgetting about it.

4. Places I lived....
(in chronological order...)
Oh Boy...are you ready for this?
Back to California
Utah again (BYU)
San Diego, CA
Redlands, CA
Syracuse, NY
Dallas, TX
Chicago, IL
Back to Memphis, TN
Back to Florida
Houston, TX
and that's where I'm staying!!!

5. Places I have worked...
Sandwhich Shop
Insurance Office
Cleaned the Science Bldg. at BYU
Administrative Assistant
KAM Secretarial(I Had my own typing business)
Pre-School Teacher
Aerobics Instructor
KAM Designs (Custom Pillows)
Southern Living at Home
Photo's with Santa at Katy Mills...seriously!
Pineapple Hill Designs (my latest venture)

6. Three Things People Don't Know About Me...
1. My husband was engaged to someone else when I met him...
well, how was I to know!
2. I want to take piano lessons.
3. I thought I was adopted when I was little.

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