Monday, June 16, 2008

Preppy Paisley

Finally made them!

A couple of months ago I decided it would be fun to sew some matching little dresses for Ella and Addie. I found this fun pink and green paisley fabric that is pre-smocked at the top. I fell in love with it and bought a couple of yards. Around that same time Marci was looking for white dresses for the girls to where to Brittany's Wedding and not having much luck. So, I put the paisley on hold and got busy making them "fluffy" (as Ella says) white dresses.

Addie and Ella on Brittany's Wedding Day

How cute is this?

Saturday I finally got back to the paisley fabric. Little Ella is so fun to sew for! She likes to sit next to me at the sewing machine and watches intently.
I think we have a future seamstress!
Addie, Kayley (Aunt Lee Lee), Ella and Scott

Ella in her Clown Suit:


Marci said...

You are so talented...I'm glad we benefit from it :-)! Thanks for always keeping my girlies cute!

Diane said...

The photos of the girls at the wedding are all so adorable. It was interesting to see that you have chosen all of my favorites (the back view of them holding hands is my screen saver). Proud grandmothers think alike...and we do have the cutest grandchildren ever!

Pineapple Hill said...

Don't we though!