Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tomato Sauce

Listed in Dr. Oz's "Food - Hall of Fame"
I don't really get to watch much TV at all...too busy. Every now and then I turn Oprah on while I'm folding clothes. I've seen her show a couple of times when she has had Dr. Oz as a guest.
Dr. Oz recommends eating 10 tablespoons of tomato sauce per week. "Inside the tomato is a chemical called lycopene," says Dr. Oz. "This chemical has a wonderful effect—it's an antioxidant." Dr. Oz says there are added benefits from eating tomato sauce or paste as opposed to plain tomatoes. "A raw tomato is fine, too, but if you get a little fat with it—either with some nuts or a little olive oil and dressing—then it's perfect," says Dr. Oz. "It helps you absorb it better into your intestinal system."
Ever since that episode, I've been trying to serve spaghetti a few times every month. I came across this sauce by Bertolli at Sam's Club one day and it is really good! I like the Olive Oil Basil and Garlic. If everyone's going to be home for dinner, I use 2 jars and add a can of tomatoe sauce. You can add hamburger, sausage, meatballs or whatever. It's quite tasty!
We had Kirsten here for dinner tonight and she thought it was better than, her favorite,Fazolis!
Dr. Roizen beams when he talks about one particular food: tomatoes. "They decrease cancer and they decrease arterial aging, heart disease, stroke, memory loss, impotence, wrinkling of the skin," he says. "In fact, Dr. Oz and I think a small town should be named after aspirin: it's that important. But a whole country should be named after tomatoes!" So should they be raw or cooked?
"It takes 165 raw tomatoes to equal 10 tablespoons of tomato sauce," Dr. Roizen says. "So it's much easier to have tomato sauce." Dr. Roizen adds that it doesn't matter what kind of tomato sauce you have, "as long as it's cooked, and you eat it with a little olive oil and a little healthy fat because it's much better absorbed with it."
Hmmmm...I think I'll start serving it a little more often!


Christina bambina said...

Hahahah you've discovered the Italian secret to remaining young & beautiful!
Just think, I eat tomato sauce at least twice a week, Fresh tomatoes every day with a salad and our wonderful home made extra virgin olive oil!

Pineapple Hill said...

So that's it~!