Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4 Down 3 To Go

The Family Room Pillows Are Finished........Today I had some appointments that were re-scheduled for next week, so I went to town on the sewing machine. Now my mom has the 18 X 18 & 16 X 16 red pillows, the red bolster pillow and my very favorite, the combined plaid and yellow print pillow with this great trim she bought.
The three remaining pillows are for the entry way bench and sitting room.

Hope is so cute. I asked her to take a picture of the pillows for me, which she did but then she took some more when we went to Grammie's house. She's just like Marci....loves the camera!

Here ate the pictues she took with the new faux painted kitchen.
Kitchen Nook ~ Kitchen Desk

Kat's Kitchen My mom asked Kayley to paint a plaque for the cat's little spot.


Annemarie said...

I can't believe you got those done already!! I am soooo impressed! They look beautiful!

Marci said...

They are looking so cute!

Diane said...

I love the pillows and the wall treatment in the nook and desk area! very inspiring!

I have just begun a long overdue project of decorating Chloe's room. She has chosen brown and pink...it should be fun. I may be calling on you as a creative consultant!

Pineapple Hill said...

Chloe's room is going to be adorable. Don't you just love brown and pink!