Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Tomato Prayer

We are still trying to figure out the whole "gardening in Texas" thing. Jacksonville was supposedly tough but I managed to do quite well. We had gorgeous tomatoes that we ended up sharing with all of our neighbors and friends. Over the years we've had some pretty amazing gardens, if I do say so myself. Syracuse, New York was awesome but the Chicago garden definitely topped it. As Marci has posted, we are feeling "garden challenged" in Texas. She did a post about her Texas garden expressing her frustration. I was jealous, at least she had a tomato. I, on the other hand, have been growing beautiful stems! FINALLY we started seeing little yellow flowers. Was there hope for a tomato......Yeah we have some baby tomatoes, not just 1 but 2~ whooohoooooo

My goal ......... could we just have enough tomatoes for a dinner salad for the fam??????

Take a look at the buff (as Scott would say) stems though....... they're out growing the Lagustrum!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Should I mention, my dream, is to have enough tomatoes to make my own tomato sauce. I know, stick with the dinner salad for a family meal. Okay then, I'll hope for that!


Marci said...

Well, if it makes you feel better, those are the only tomatoes that ever grew from our plants :-). We do have one little baby one right now, so we'll see if it survives better than the last ones (they were partial eaten by a bug and then the birds got them)

Annemarie said...

I am "garden challenged" every year. Thankfully my husbands Grandma is a pro & offers her services...and her tomatoes!!

Annemarie said...

My grocery store bakery sells 16oz balls of bread/scone dough for $1.50..it's the best deal! Even if they don't have it out, I bet they would sell it to you if you asked. You could probably also use frozen bread dough.
Hope that helps!

Christina bambina said...

Water water water, but don't over water! The best times to water your plants are early in the morning before the sun is too high or, as the sun is setting. I find that watering plants at night just doesn't give them what they need. If you think about it, treat them sort of like people: Breakfast in the morning and dinner at sunset..... if you water in the morning they have plenty of refreshment for the loooong hot day, then in the evening you replenish their water and are refreshed. Am I just rambling on? do you get what I mean?

Pineapple Hill said...

Thanks Christina Bambina!

Colette said...

You need to ask my dad about what mix you need for your soil-he is the "expert" of Texas gardening!!! Good luck!!