Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hydrangea Heaven

One of my favorite things about summer is the Hydrangeas. I have a spot in the back yard that they just love.
I read an article in Southern Living Magazine a few summers ago when we were living in Florida about how to use "Rooting Powder" to propagate Hydrangeas.

It really works!

Take a cutting from the tip end of a branch that did not flower this year (5-6 inches long). Make sure the branch has stopped growing, but isn't yet brown. Remove the lower leaves to expose the leaf nodes. Cut the largest of the remaining leaves in half. Insert the stem (dipped in rooting hormone) into a pot of moist, well-drained potting soil. Cover them with plastic, using stakes to keep the plastic from touching the leaves. Keep them in full light, but out of direct sun. Use caution with your south-facing window as the light could be too strong.

I tried putting the stems in water and that worked on some of them. I also read if you want blue Hydrangeas, pour pickle juice at the base. They love the acid. I like the green and pink hydrangeas, so I haven't tried that yet.


Annemarie said...

Your Hydrangeas look beautiful. THey are one of my MOST favorite flowers!

The Apron Queen said...

We had hydrangeas in our backyard when we lived in the Midwest. I miss them. We'd put them in glass vases all over the house like you showed. The fragrance was divine too. :)

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