Monday, September 1, 2008

Cookie Anyone?

Today was a very HAPPY DAY at the Miner House.
I made The OlsenFamily .....
unforgettable, delectable, wonderful
..... "Bakery Cookies".

Would you believe, I still have the original recipe I jotted on the back of a piece of paper 20 years ago. I'm Not Kidding!

I almost forgot all about that recipe (Unimaginable) and I saw it on Anne Marie's Cooking Blog, Taste Buds ... which I love by the way! Check it out. I've become a huge fan of cooking blogs. My two favorites are Taste Buds and On My Menu by Marci.

Anyway, I had these Hershey Mini Kisses and decided this was the perfect recipe.
Get the recipe :
These are AnneMarie's cookies. Aren't they beautiful! When she's not cooking, baking or being the perfect mom, she really should be a food/ photo stylist!


Annemarie said...

OK, you are so cute! I can't believe you still have that recipe!! Thank you for the sweet words!!

Christina Bambina said...

My mom and I still have the recepie book you gals made in Relief Society back in the Mira Mesa/Scripps ranch ward! And I just suspect that the cookie recepie is in it as well! Not like having an original Hand copy I know, but still good memories!

Kel, you can come and visit ANY time you want, in the meantime feel free to live vicariously through my blog!

Lova ya!

Pineapple Hill said...

Yay! I can't wait to see where we go next. Can I have your body too???

Christina Bambina said...

let's put it this way, I'd kill to have 5 kids and still look as great as you! ;)