Monday, September 15, 2008

Good People

Just a quick little post .... we still have power and have kept our cable now, so I think we're good to go! However we do have friends in Katy without power. It is really strange because there doesn't seem to be a rational method to figure out who does or doesn't have electricity. It is really "random"! A house here a few there.... go figure!

I have spent most of the day coordinating needs for families that aren't "good to go". I have been inundated with phone calls and e-mails from so many people willing to share freezer space, stoves, ovens, washers, dryers and anything else someone may need. It truly is remarkable how "good" people are. Even the media has been touched by the generosity and compassion of the people of Houston.
School was not in session today and is canceled for tomorrow as well. They should be back on track for Wednesday. Scott has been busy helping people clear their yards and driveways of tree branches,etc. The kids have enjoyed the time from school and made good use of it with sleep overs and get togethers with or without electricty. They don't seem to mind!

Galveston was devastated by the storm.

Marci went to Walmart with her girls this morning to do their grocery shopping and said they had NO refrigerated or frozen food at all! I haven't even attempted going to the store yet. The parking lots are packed. The gas lines are crazy as well. The airports have re-opened and flights seem to be back on schedule. We'll see what tomorrow brings:)


Annemarie said...

The world is full of good people and you are definitely one of them!
My husband went to the Humanitarian Center today to help replenish their supply of hygiene kits, I guess quite a few have been sent to Texas and they were running low.

Again, I am so glad you are all safe!

Pineapple Hill said...

Give that hubby of yours a HUG!

Christina Bambina said...

That's one thing I miss most about the USA. Just good old NICENESS. Here people aren't as courteous, don't wait in line properly, open the door for you or say "your welcome" as much as they do in the USA. I'm sure there are GOOD PEOPLE too in Italy, but I really do think y'all in the US have got the best ones, like you!

XoXo Bambina

Amy & Mark said...

You are truly one of the good ones! We're so glad that we've gotten to know you!