Friday, September 5, 2008

Mark is So Popular

We have these two cats that we're just crazy about. They are brothers. Blanco was the first of the litter and Bill was the last. I'm really glad we adopted both of them because they truly are "Best Buds".

Senior Blanco

Silly Bill
(aren't his eyes cute!)

Here's the thing....they are so fun to play with and really affectionate to all of us, but they definitely have a "Favorite Person" in the family. It's Mark! I mean I don't blame them, he is my favorite person too. But really, when Mark's in town the cats are wherever he is. It's the cutest thing. This morning he is working out of the office and I went in to tell him something and it was so typical to see his little buddies right there with him. I think Mark kind of likes it too. He never complains about them sitting on his work, trying to catch the paper when it comes out of his printer and even typing verbiage when they walk across his keyboard!

We're ALL glad when Mark is in town

....... he's so popular !


Marci said...

That picture of dad working with the cats is too cute :-)! I LOVE it!

Diane said...

That photo of mark is one of my favorites! It is so cute. And I love the backround filled with special Addie and Ella artwork.

Annemarie said...

It's probably his sense of humor! I remember how funny he is!!

Christina Bambina said...

The pictures of the cats and Mark are sooooooooooooooo cute! I love the crazy things cats do! They just seem to have their own little "thang" going on! How random is it that we both did a cat post! ;)