Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Scripture Study

Well, you'd be so proud of me. I'm making some
progress with my goals.
or as mom would say, "aren't you proud of yourself".

Next week (Monday morning)I start piano lessons. I can't wait. I bought my book and I'm ready to learn! And today I went to Scripture Study. It's every Tuesday at 9:15 at the Church. I love all the ladies and enjoyed the discussion. Now if I could just get up the gumption to tackle the PHOTOS.....


Annemarie said...

I am impressed!! That is so great that there is a set scripture study group.
I have done good with a couple of my goals..I have actually gone to the 5:30am class at the gym twice, and my kids journals are getting filled up!!!
Keep us posted on the piano lessons. That is so exciting!!

Kayley said...

What?!?! Why didn't I know you were taking piano lessons????? That is so cute mom! I'm impressed too!


Diane said...

Scriptures AND piano! No one can accuse you of idle talk, you truely are a woman of action! I am further impressed by the darling nap mat! It looks like it matches the cute sun dresses you made earlier in the summer!

ps. We would LOVE to have you guys visit again, anytime!

Pineapple Hill said...

Diane... if only you knew how many YEARS I've been TALKING, only talking! We'll have to get together in San Anton:)